Have Your Business Painted To Give A Good Impression


If you've driven up to a business that had a bad paint job, horrible colors, or an old paint job with paint that was fading and chipping, then you likely lost at least some respect or trust in that business and found yourself hoping their services or products weren't as bad as the condition of their business. You've also likely pulled up to many businesses that looked well-cared for and professional on the exterior and automatically felt good about doing business with them.

20 April 2021

Top Signs You Should Purchase Type 1 Wallpaper For Your Commercial Business


You might have decided that you want to install wallpaper inside your place of business, but you might not know what type of wallpaper you want to install just yet. Typically, when it comes to commercial wallpaper, you can choose between Type 1 or Type 2 wallpaper. Either option can work well, depending on the specifics of your business. These are a few signs that Type 1 wallpaper—which isn't as heavy as Type 2 wallpaper—will be a good choice.

27 January 2021