Cleaning Your Outdoor Equipment With Commercial Sandblasting Services


For many businesses, cleaning their equipment can be a major challenge. The use of commercial sandblasting services can be among the most effective ways of cleaning many of these systems.

Sandblasting Is Extremely Effective At Cleaning Outdoor Equipment

If your business's equipment will have to spend long periods of time outdoors, it is possible for it to develop extensive corrosion along with thick layers of dirt that can become caked on its exterior. Sandblasting is one of the most effective ways of cleaning this equipment as the sand will be able to easily clean large surface areas while also getting into the small grooves and other spaces that you may struggle to clean manually.

The Intensity Of The Sandblasting System Can Be Adjusted

While a sandblasting system is designed to propel the sand with an extreme amount of force, it is possible to adjust the amount of force that is being generated. This can be useful when the equipment or surface that is being cleaned with the sandblasting is slightly more fragile than thick metal or other extremely hard materials. Adjusting the force of the sandblasting so that it will be unable to cause damage while still being effective at cleaning the surface can require substantial experience, and this is a major advantage of hiring a professional commercial sandblasting service to perform this work for your outdoor equipment.  

Your Staff Should Stay Clear Of The Equipment

Throughout the sandblasting process, your staff will need to stay clear of the equipment and the worksite. While the sandblasting process is generally safe, the sand will be projected at extremely high speeds. This could lead to it potentially irritating the skin, eyes and nose of those that get too close to it. The contractors that are performing this work will have specialized equipment to keep them safe from the sand, but your staff will not. To help keep your staff safe, these contractors can put up warning cones that will be able to alert your staff of the minimum distance that they should keep.

Arranging to have your outdoor equipment sandblasted can be one of the most effective ways of cleaning these items. Having an appreciation for the fact that sandblasting can be a safe and effective way of cleaning your equipment, that these systems can be adjusted and the need to keep your staff clear of the equipment can help you with scheduling this type of cleaning while minimizing the impact on your operations.

For more information on commercial sandblasting, contact a contractor that performs this service.


23 June 2021

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