Commercial Painting Problems That You May Have To Deal With


Customers form an opinion about your business within the first minute of being present on your premises. Therefore, you should ensure that you are making the right first impression through quality painting. Painting might seem like a simple task that you can handle without professionals. However, issues often arise when you do it yourself instead of hiring professionals for it. Here are some of the complications that can come up during commercial painting and how to handle them. 

Formation of an Alligator Skin

Alligator cracks make your freshly painted wall look wrinkled and blistered, resembling an alligator. The presence of blisters and wrinkles is an indication that cracks have formed underneath the surface, and they might start to reveal the wood underneath. The blistering is a result of moisture underneath the coats of paint. It is advisable to have a professional handle the painting process to avoid this issue. First, they will paint on a day with low humidity because the humidity is often the start of problems. Secondly, they will apply the primers correctly because this is another common cause of cracking. 

Growth of Fungi

Fungal growth is another common complication affecting large-scale painting projects. Most of the fungi species that grow on painted walls have a greyish hue. You may be tempted to paint over the fungi because it temporarily hides the ugliness. However, the problem will come back bigger and worse. It is advisable to observe the source of the fungal growth and also its extent. If there are trees and other sources of shade, come up with a plan that will increase exposure to the sun. It is also advisable to repaint with specific mold-resistant paint because it helps eliminate the possibility of the fungi recurring. 

When the Paintwork Forms Serious Cracks

Cracks are another common issue in commercial painting projects. It is common for the paint to crack, especially in hot climates. Most commercial building managers paint over the cracks hoping that they are resolving the problem. However, it is advisable to strip off the old paint coating before applying a fresh one. A painting contractor will help organize paint stripping methods like sandblasting. It cleans the surface and smoothens it for proper re-application.

The best way to handle commercial painting projects is by hiring a professional painting company, such as Blue Star Painting Company, to manage them for you. With their help, you will get superior quality paint that will last for decades without peeling or having other issues.  


15 September 2021

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