3 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Exterior Painting


Is your house not looking as good as it used to when you bought it? If so, you might be considering a new paint job for the house's exterior, but painting a house exterior is easier said than done. Even if you have previous experience painting a room inside your house, you'll likely find that exterior painting can be much more involved. Here are three reasons why it might be best to hire a professional exterior painting company such as DBO Company.

19 November 2018

3 Ways To Update A Laundry Room With The Right Paint Job


When you're frustrated with the appearance of your laundry room, it's a smart idea to look into what kinds of updates you can make with the right choice of paint. Instead of getting just any project done in the laundry or expecting to pay a lot of money on new appliances, you should look into the difference that paint can make in the laundry room. Instead of rushing into getting the laundry room updated through painting, consider the following tips for using paint to make the best improvement at home.

26 September 2018

4 Colors To Consider For Creating A Relaxing Master Bedroom Retreat


At the end of the day, most people want to head to their master bedroom and bathroom to relax and unwind. While beautiful furniture and d├ęcor will make the space relaxing and appealing, your master bedroom walls will also require an update. Painting your walls is an easy way to turn an ordinary master bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Of course, choosing the right color for your walls can be a bit challenging.

16 August 2018

Exterior Painting: Should You Spray It?


When painting the exterior of a residence, the first thing you need to ask is how you are going to get paint onto the walls. Should you use paint brushes, rollers, and extension poles? Or, should you use a spray gun system? The thing is, most people have some sort of experience with brushes and rollers. They are very easy to use. On the other hand, spray guns might seems complicated and inconvenient for many.

14 June 2018

Remodeling The Kitchen? 3 Ways To Include Painting For The Best Results


Remodeling your kitchen should include a balance of including the features that you want, while also trying to stick to a budget that you've set in advance. You get carried away and end up spending too much money when remodeling the kitchen without a clear budget, making it so important for you to look into projects that can be affordable and make a big impact. If you're currently searching for ways to make an improvement in the kitchen while on a budget, it's a good idea to look into including painting.

6 April 2018

Just Purchased An Older Home? 3 Reasons To Prioritize Residential Painting


Buying an older home can be a great alternative to purchasing a brand-new home, since it can save you a lot of money and still give the square footage and layout of a home that you want. While buying an older home can be fantastic for your budget, you may find that the home will need some changes so that it feels up-to-date and ready to move in. If you're looking for an affordable way to improve an older home before moving in, look no further than getting painting done.

28 February 2018