Bring The Outside In With These Natural Colors


There are all sorts of ways to approach choosing the paint colors for your home. If you love the outdoors, you might like the idea of choosing one or more colors that pay tribute to the outdoor colors you see — essentially allowing you to bring an outdoor style into the comfort of your home. A local painting professional can discuss some color ideas with you, answer the questions you have, and help you to feel confident about choosing your colors. Here are some hues that you may want to consider to pay tribute to the outdoors.


Gray is a color that is frequently present outdoors. If you have a stone home or have a neighbor who has this type of residence, you might love the timeless gray color on the home's exterior. Some people also have stone fences, stone walkways, and stone patios. If you find that this shade offers a simple elegance, you might wish to consider having your painter apply it in one or more of your rooms. With white trim paired with gray barnboard flooring, gray paint on the walls can offer a clean and stylish look.


Although bricks come in a few different colors, the most common option is a brown-red hue. While some people use brick veneer as a wall covering in their homes, this material can be pricey and time-consuming to install. If you want a cost-effective alternative, you may wish to consider brown-red paint. Your painter can recommend a specific shade of paint that is virtually a perfect match with brick, and you can use it as an accent wall in your kitchen, dining room, or various other areas of your home.


There are numerous examples of brown in nature, particularly in the form of trees. Brown has an earthy and calming look to it, making it a good option in many areas of your home. A living room with brown walls can have a cozy feel, for example. If you don't like the idea of having every wall in this room painted brown, choosing brown for one wall and going with a lighter, complementary color on the other walls can be a good choice. Brown can add a warm and cozy vibe in the entry area of your home and even in one of your bathrooms. Talk to an interior house painting contractor about using these and other colors that pay tribute to the outdoors. 


16 February 2023

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When finishing or renovating a room in your home, the paint that you choose for the walls and ceiling will have a huge impact on the appearance of the room for several years after. If you choose the wrong type of paint, the paint job will not last as long as it should. If you choose the wrong color, the room just won't look as nice as you would like. So, how do you decide on the paint for your interior projects? This blog will give you several suggestions and advice that you can use to ensure that the paint used is perfect for the situation.