Five Things To Consider When Painting Your Office


Eventually your company office will need a fresh coat of paint. When the time comes, check with your painting crew and make sure they provide options for the following five office painting considerations.

1. Low-VOC Paints

Paint fumes can linger in an office for days or even weeks, particularly in high-rise buildings where opening a window isn't an option. Low-VOC paints do not off-gas and produce the strong fumes of traditional interior paints. The building ventilation system should be able to clear the air so that your staff won't have to breathe in dangerous and headache-inducing fumes for the days following the new paint job.

2. Durable Coatings

An office wall can see a lot of wear and tear, particularly along hallways and doorways where there is a lot of traffic. Ask your painting crew about the type of paint coatings available. There are paints on the market that have a plasticized formula, for example, which makes them less prone to wear. Stain resistant coatings are also available, which are easy to wipe clean so the paint always looks nice.

3. Damage Prevention

Your painting crew will repair small damages, like dings and dents, before they begin to paint. They may also offer a preventive services where they document the areas where the most damage was present. They then can provide you with solutions to prevent the damage in the future, such as installing chair rails or corner guards. Once the paint cures, the crew may even install these items to protect the finish.

4. After Hours Service

One of the biggest hassles with office painting is that you must either shut down operations for a few days, or the painters must try to work around your staff. You can avoid this problem by hiring a crew that provides after hours services. This means the crew will come in on the weekends or evenings when your staff isn't there, thus ensuring the work being done has as little impact on day to day operations as possible.

5. Furniture Services

Another hassle when painting is finding a place to move the office desks, equipment, and other furniture. If space is tight, you may simply need to move stuff across the office and crowd it into a corner, then move it all back as soon as the painting in that section is done. In this case, it can be helpful to hire a crew that provides furniture moving and covering services so you don't have to bring in extra staff to move things around.

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5 November 2020

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