Tips For Prepping Your Building's Exterior Wall For A New Coat Of Paint


Does the exterior cinder block wall on your office building look bad and need a bit of a makeover? If so, you may be thinking about painting the surface to give it a fresh look. Here are some tips on how to prep the exterior of your office building.


The first step is to clean the wall, which will involve brushing the wall to remove loose paint and surface dirt. Then you'll need to scrape the wall to remove any loose paint and dirt that did not come off with the first cleaning pass. If the wall is really dirty, you'll need to scrub down the wall with soap and water, then rinse the surface down with clean water.

Is there surface growth on the wall, such as mold or algae? You'll need to scrape and brush away the growth to start. However, surface growth should also have a special fungicidal wash applied to it as well. This solution needs to be brushed onto the affected area, left on for the length of time dictated by the directions, then washed away. 

Repairing Cracks

Are there small cracks in the surface of the cinder block? It is possible to fix these with an external filler. You can buy a filler material from your local home improvement store that is mixed and ready to apply, or a filler that requires you mix the material first before it is applied. As you can imagine, the premixed filler is going to be more expensive, but ideal for smaller jobs.

Make sure you follow the directions for the crack filler you purchase, but they should all be fairly similar. Dampen the wall using a spray bottle, making sure that you go into the crack that you want to fill. Then widen the crack slightly using the edge of a putty knife so that it forms a v-shape. You should then apply the filler to the crack, and smooth it out with your putty knife. Your filler material may need to go in layers if it is a very deep crack, so keep this in mind when following the directions. Once the crack filler has dried, you can smooth out the surface with a sanding block. 

Not ready to do all of this prep work to paint your exterior walls? Reach out to a commercial painting company like Blue Star Painting Company to do all of the work for you. 


16 July 2020

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