Shades of Green: How to Use Different Hues of Green Paint in Interior Design


Whether you are looking for a paint color to energize your home, add a touch of nature, or bring a soothing calmness to a room, look no further than the shades of green. From soothing mints to energizing limes, there's a shade of green to suit any room of your home.

Earthy Greens

If you love the great outdoors, earthy shades of green will infuse your home with the beauty of nature. Earthy shades of green are subtle and will bring new life to large living spaces, such as living and family rooms. Earthy greens also work well in exercise rooms or home gyms, as green is often associated with health and wellbeing. 

Earthy greens are light and airy and can make small rooms appear larger but are soft enough to not appear overwhelming in a large living space. Earthy greens are the most versatile of all greens and can be used in almost any room.

Fresh Greens

Fresh greens are a little bolder than earthy tones but are not as intimidating as bright greens. Paint a kitchen or dining room in fresh green for an instant pop of color that fits right in with the farmhouse, country, and other modern themes of decorating. Fresh green is invigorating and energizing when used in the home office.  

Pair fresh green with light yellow or white accent trim to make any room look like spring and summer all year long. Fresh green is perfect if you love a garden theme in interior design. Checked curtains and floral-patterned accents are a match made in heaven when used with fresh green hues.

Bright Greens

Lime greens are bold and grab attention. Because of their overpowering hues, you may hesitate to use them in interior design, but you don't have to be afraid. The key is to use them in small amounts and accent with other colors to balance the boldness. For instance, instead of painting an entire room lime green, paint just one wall lime green and the other walls white.

You could also use lime green in playrooms or a child's bedroom. Bright pink and bold orange are great color companions that will play nice with lime green and are especially attractive to children.

Using green paint in the interior of your home can create a feeling of serenity and peace or bring a room to life with its energizing hues. Green is attractive and appealing to the senses and is a smart choice for interior residential painting. Contact companies like Trend to learn more about your options.


14 October 2019

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