Tips For Painting Your Restaurant


Painting your restaurant is a vital part of taking care of the dining room. Over time, the old paint begins to look dingy or dated. Even if it is clean, this dinginess can make it feel dirty to your customers. This is never a good look for business. The following information can help you get through the commercial painting process with minimal stress or loss of business.

Schedule the work

You should probably plan to be closed for one day. If your restaurant is open seven days a week, then choose your least busy day for the closure. It may take only a few hours to paint, but it takes at least a day for the paint to fully dry and cure. For restaurants that only serve dinner or breakfast and lunch, you may be able to avoid closure if you bring in the painters as soon as service ends. This may mean paying a little extra for an overnight crew if you are open for dinner service. Another option to cut down on business loss is to close for dinner service on day 1 so the painters can come in after lunch, and then re-open for lunch service the following day.

Choose a color

The color you choose is very important. Really bright colors tend to make people eat faster, so they are often used in quick service restaurants. More subdued hues encourage customers to sit awhile, exactly what you want in finer dining establishments where multiple courses or after dinner drinks are encouraged. The color should also reflect your brand. Coffee shops, for example, often combine muted earth tones with bold highlights, such as black, whereas a Mediterranean or seafood restaurant may prefer shades of blue to hearken to the ocean. If your restaurant is heavily branded, then you may want to pull in colors from the logo.

Prolong the paint

Your final goal is to ensure the paint job lasts for as long as possible. Begin by choosing a commercial-grade semi-gloss or gloss so that it is easy to wipe down. Then, take steps to avoid damage before it can occur. For example, installing chair rails is a moderate expense that will save you money in the long run because you won't have to worry about the chairs or tables scraping against the wall. Consider installing clear corner protectors, particularly near the kitchen and main customer entrance, to preserve the paint. These little touches are almost invisible but save you money in the long run.

Contact a commercial painting service for more help.


22 August 2019

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