3 Things to Paint in Your Living Room to Make Major Appearance Changes


Painting your entire home on the inside or outside is a rather large project to take on that you may not be willing to do because of your budget or family's wants and needs. However, you may be interested in painting the living room where you know that your family spends a lot of time.

If you are not sure where to get started with painting, you should come up with a few ideas so that you can hire a painting company and know what services to request from them.


One option for changing how your living room looks is painting the furniture. Although this may not be a permanent change because you can rearrange or replace the furniture, it should give you the confidence to experiment if you are interested in trying a bold or uncommon color. While you will not be able to paint the fabric, you can look forward to painting wood or metal furniture in the form of a coffee table, television stand, side table, or legs on almost anything.


If you want to make a large and immediate impact on the living room, you will want to paint the walls. When you are feeling bold and creative, you may want to go with an accent wall that allows you to pick a shade of red, blue, orange, or green to go along with the other wall colors.

While some people may think that choosing a white or gray will lead to a living room that looks like so many other homes, you have so many shades to choose from for these colors. You can go with a light gray, dark gray, or even a gray with a hint of blue to achieve a unique appearance.


On the top and bottom of the walls, you will find the trim, which is something that you should consider painting because it will help your walls shine when looking at the living room. While you may feel confident about going with a bold color for the furniture or walls, you will likely want to stick with a neutral color for the trim because it will help you avoid a contrasting look.

When you are determined to paint as much as you can, you may want to think about painting the doors and windows on top of everything else. However, focusing on these three features should be more than enough to help you make a noticeable difference in your living room. For more tips on interior painting, contact services such as Walls-N-All Painting.


29 April 2019

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