3 Painting Tips And Tricks To Make A Room Feel Bigger


If you have a room that looks and feels small, your first inclination may be to remove large, bulky furniture and accessories. While this can help, the right paint color and painting techniques can also improve how a room looks and feels in regards to its size. With these tips and tricks, you will learn how to use paint to make your small room feel much larger.

Choose the Right Paint Colors

Firstly, you need to choose the right paint colors. It is important to remember that dark colors absorb light, making a room feel even smaller. Therefore, use light paint colors only when painting a small room.

Softer shades of blue, grey, green, and even yellow will be both appealing and bright, helping open up your smaller room. White and off-white can also be used to help reflect light in the room, brightening up the space with ease.

Use the Same Color for the Trim

Most homeowners and designers use one color on the wall and another color to paint the trim. For example, painting the walls a blue color and the trim in a bright white is common. The blue paint will draw your eyes up the wall, but the eyes will stop once they reach the contrasting white trim color. This can actually make the ceilings feel lower, which will make the room feel even smaller.

One trick many designers use is to paint the wall and trim color in the same shade. A light grey or an off-white paint color could be used on both the walls, crown molding, and the trim around the windows and doors to create one open color palette, which will help open up a small space.

Choose the Right Finishes

You may be surprised by how many different paint finishes are available. Eggshell, matte, semi-gloss, gloss, and even a high gloss version are all available. Each option offers its own pros and cons and there are certain finishes best for certain rooms, making your decision even more challenging.

In a bathroom where there is a high moisture content, avoid using eggshell or matte finishes. A glossy finish is ideal because it will not show water marks and can be cleaned easily. These glossy finishes are also great for small rooms, since light reflects off the paint, brightening up the room and making it feel larger than it is.

If you do not want a high gloss in your small living room, choose a semi-gloss finish that will still reflect light. Contact a company, like Bessey  Painting, for more help.


3 January 2019

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