4 Colors To Consider For Creating A Relaxing Master Bedroom Retreat


At the end of the day, most people want to head to their master bedroom and bathroom to relax and unwind. While beautiful furniture and décor will make the space relaxing and appealing, your master bedroom walls will also require an update. Painting your walls is an easy way to turn an ordinary master bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Of course, choosing the right color for your walls can be a bit challenging. Here are a few colors to consider if you want to create a relaxing master bedroom retreat.

Cool Blue

Blue is a popular color for many homeowners, but there will be an endless number of different shades to choose from. Today, experts recommend a cool blue paint color to create a relaxing space.

A soft blue color eases away any physical and emotional distress you may be experiencing. For most people, relaxing in a space painted with cool blue will create a sensation that you are floating in a boat or relaxing under a clear blue sky.

This softer shade of blue will also help you fall asleep faster, which makes it an ideal choice for your master bedroom's walls.

Soft Gray

If you want the same soothing qualities but with a different color, opt for a soft gray paint color for the walls of your master bedroom and bathroom.

Softer shades of gray also induce feelings of calm, easing away any stresses of the day.

For added appeal, create a luxurious contrast by painting the walls a soft gray and the trim and ceiling a bright white. The light contrast will make your master bedroom space feel more finished and elegant.

Neutral Green

If you prefer a more nature-like appeal, consider painting your master bedroom a neutral green color.

A light traditional green, olive green, or sage will add hints of color without overwhelming your bedroom space.

The lighter, more muted shades of green create a calming and serene environment. The softer shades of green work well with wood-tone furnishings and hardwood flooring, as well.


Another great color to paint your bedroom walls is lavender. Many people feel this light shade of purple is too feminine to use in a room shared with a male, but that is not actually true.

Lavender is also a relaxing color that creates a sophisticated and elegant space. If you do choose to use a lavender on your walls, create contrast with dark furniture, wall décor, and window treatments.

Creating a relaxing master bedroom does not have to be challenging. With one of these paint colors, your master bedroom will be beautiful, serene, and calming. Contact a company, like Fresh  Home Painting, for more help.


16 August 2018

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