3 Tips and Tricks for First Time Painters


Are you looking to give a room in your house a new look? While you could rearrange the furniture or install some new curtains, one of the most dramatic changes you could make would be to give the room a brand new paint job. A significant color change can go a long way towards making a room look brand new. If you're not experienced at painting, you might want to search for painting contractors, but if you'd like to give it a shot yourself, here are some tips that may help with your first paint job.

Watch Out for Moisture

Moisture is a painter's worst enemy. If the surface you are painting on is not completely dry, the paint will not be able to set properly. So if you are painting a wall near the kitchen, for example, make sure there is no humidity in the room from a recent baking session. The same theory also applies to any walls that are near your bathroom. You don't want to start a paint job right after someone gets out of the shower. Let any moisture in the air evaporate fully before beginning work.

Clean the Room in Advance

Dust and dirt don't play well with paint. It's true you need to watch out for moisture, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't wash the walls you are going to paint before you begin. Just make sure the walls have time to fully dry before starting. Also be sure to give the room a full vacuuming to remove any dust or pet hair from the carpet. The last thing you want to see is specks of dust or hair on the wall as your paint begins to dry.

Water and Oil Don't Mix

There are two main types of paint that most homeowners use: water based and oil based. One of the quickest ways to mess up a paint job is to put water-based paint on a wall that already has a coat of oil-based paint or vice versa. If you mess this up, you'll find out quickly, as the paint will be likely to peel off or just not set properly to begin with. 

For best results when painting, talk to a local contractor like LaPlace And Eagan LLC. But if you want to go it alone, make sure you follow the tips above. If you are painting on top of an existing coat, find out whether it's water or oil based to avoid a peeling situation after it begins to dry.


20 January 2017

the right type and color of paint for interior projects

When finishing or renovating a room in your home, the paint that you choose for the walls and ceiling will have a huge impact on the appearance of the room for several years after. If you choose the wrong type of paint, the paint job will not last as long as it should. If you choose the wrong color, the room just won't look as nice as you would like. So, how do you decide on the paint for your interior projects? This blog will give you several suggestions and advice that you can use to ensure that the paint used is perfect for the situation.