3 Tips For Using Paint To Help With Polishing Up Your Garage Floor For Activities


Many homeowners have a garage that they primarily use for storage instead of parking their car, leading to a lot of square footage being wasted. If you dream of being able to use your garage as a place for activities, such as woodwork, painting, or even working out, you need to look into how you can improve the floors. While you can simply clean the flooring and leave it at that, it's a much more appealing option to get the floor painted instead. Before getting any painting done for your garage floor, consider the following tips.

Get the Garage Floor Inspected and Any Repairs Done

An easy way to ensure that your garage floor painting is done right is by making sure that the flooring is in good condition first. Cracks and holes in the floor can lead to the paint not looking even and make you unsatisfied with the results. To make sure that your garage flooring looks great after the painting is finished, don't forget to thoroughly inspect the floors and get any repairs done ahead of time. Repairs are typically as simple as filling the cracks with caulking or cement filler, making it an easy task to do on your own.

Pressure Wash the Garage Floor Ahead of Time

Giving the garage flooring a deep clean is vital if you are worried about the painting looking uneven or poorly done. Pressure washing the garage is the best choice if you want to give the flooring a thorough clean and are concerned about getting every bit of grime out.

In order for you to pressure wash the garage, make sure to empty the garage out entirely, give it a good sweeping, and following up with a power washer.

Start with Painting and Finish with a Second Coat

Since your garage likely receives a lot of wear and tear due to heavy items being moved on it, occasionally your car driving on it, or simply working out on the flooring, you need to make sure the paint will last. The best way to ensure that the garage floor paint stays in good condition is through painting, letting it dry, and following up with a second coat. With two coats of paint, the garage floor will look much nicer and the paint should stay without chipping away shortly after.

To get the painted garage flooring look you want, you need to make sure that the job is done properly with the above tips. By taking your time with the paint and prep work, you can be confident that the end result suits your needs. For professional help, contact a service like Purser's Professional Painting & Pressure Cleaning.


4 July 2016

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