Four Things You Need To Know About Painting The Exterior Of Your House


A fresh coat of paint can give a whole new look to any home's exterior and will also protect your home from damage caused by precipitation and UV rays. A proper paint job will also enhance the value of your home by increasing its curb appeal. Whether you're tackling the job on your own or relying on the services of a professional painting service, there are several things that you need to know about painting the exterior of your house -- following are four of them.

Don't Put Off Paint Jobs

Waiting too long between paint jobs is a mistake made by many people. It's best to schedule the work as soon as you notice peeling or chipped paint or paint that is beginning to blister. Waiting will only cause the problem to become worse and will result in greater expense the longer you wait.

Choose a Neutral Color

Although you may be tempted to paint your home a vibrant color, brightly colored houses are generally eyesores even if they are freshly painted. Overly bright shades overpower landscaping and other exterior accents. Also, the time may come when you want to put your house up for sale, and potential buyers may be dissuaded by extreme color choices.

Surface Preparation is Everything

An improperly prepared surface will result in a paint job with low visual appeal that will not last long at all. It is imperative that all traces of dirt, grime, mold, algae, and other assorted residue be removed if you want your new paint job to look good and last a long time. This might require pressure washing the exterior surface of your home as well as manually scraping the surface. You may also have to sand spots where the paint has blistered or otherwise become uneven.

Give Paint Colors a Test Drive

Before making a definite decision on a paint color, purchase a quart and paint a piece of cardboard with it. Hang the cardboard on your home exterior to see how the color looks in an outdoor environment. Some colors that look perfectly wonderful in the can take on a different hue outdoors. Everything from sun exposure to your landscaping can have an effect on how a certain color will look on the exterior of your house. Taking colors for a test drive will prevent you from making a potential costly mistake. If a particular doesn't work out, you can always use it for another household project.

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24 December 2015

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