How To Paint With A Spray Gun


Many people want to paint their home exterior on their home. But, they do not realize that painting exterior sidewalls is far more difficult than painting most interior wall surfaces. This is usually because exterior walls are far rougher and absorb more paint. You cannot paint your exterior walls very quickly if you just use paintbrushes and rollers. The quickest and most efficient way to paint exterior walls is to use a pneumatic spray gun. This article explains how to paint like a pro using a spray gun.

Renting or Buying a Gun

If you are just planning on painting you exterior, and don't think you will use a spray gun beyond that, you should just rent a gun on a short term basis. You can rent the entire kits that includes almost everything you need for the job. It will include the air compressor, gun, adjustable nozzles and all the hoses and supply lines. However, you will need to supply the actual paint, as well as several 5 gallon buckets. It is a good idea to mix all the paint together before you start painting. Even if you have your paint mixed at the exact same location (at the exact same time) there is a good chance the each can will vary slightly.

Preparing to Paint

Perhaps the hardest part of the job will actually be preparing to paint. Painting with a spray gun requires excessive masking off. Use large sheets of thin (.2 or .4 mm) plastic to drape over your ground. Cover all of the plants and grass between the walls you are painting. Also, use the plastic to mask off all of your windows and doors. Stretch it tight and tape it down with painter's tape so it does not blow away in the wind.

Spraying Techniques

Each brand and model of gun will spray a little different than the next. Familiarize your self with the stream and coverage of the gun by practicing on a discreet part of your wall. The key is to never point your gun at one place while you pull the trigger. Always keep the gun slowly moving across the wall as you spray. You can adjust the pressure for a stronger stream (which results in more paint being put on the wall). However, you need to be careful of streaks or puddles in the paint if the pressure is too high.

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29 August 2015

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