How To Paint Your Chain Link Fence


If you aren't happy with the gray appearance of your chain link fence, you can paint it any color you want. A good choice may be to paint it the same color as the trim on your house; this will give your property a nice, uniformed appearance. No matter what color you choose, this article will help you paint the fence with rattle can paint, in just a few simple steps.

Choose the right day

You need to be careful when you choose the day you are going to paint the fence. There should be no rain or snow in the forecast. It should also be a warm day, not too hot and not too cold. A windy day is going to make it very hard for you to get the paint where you want it and will cause you to waste a lot of paint that's blown away before it can hit the surface. Also, the wind will blow dirt on your fresh paint.

Remove all rust

The first thing you need to do is walk around all parts of the fencing and look for any signs of rust. Use steel wool to remove the rust. Spray a rust proof primer on those areas and allow it to dry. It should only take a few minutes for it to dry completely.

Paint the poles and the gate

It's easiest if you paint the poles and the gate first. To start, take a piece of cardboard and lay it on the grass on the opposite side you are painting. Paint the poles and gate carefully, getting around every connection. If there are small areas where you are having a hard time getting the spray to go, you can spray a little paint in a cap and use a small paint brush.

Paint the fence

Take a large piece of cardboard, sheet of plastic or a tarp and lay it on the ground on the opposite side of the fence. Set some rocks on the corners so it doesn't blow up toward the fence while you're working. Paint the chain link of the fence, making sure you cover all of it. Repeat this same process on the other side. Once your fence is dry, you can paint a clear coat on it to add another level of protection.

If you don't feel like taking the project on yourself, a commercial painter, like Decorators Service Co., Inc., can come out and paint the fence for you in a short amount of time. They will also use materials they know will hold up well.


24 August 2015

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