4 Tips to Choose the Right Paint Options for Your Child's Room


If you are planning to paint a kid's room, you may not know where to start. Here are a few questions to help you choose the right paint options for your little one's room:

Does Your Child Like to Draw?

If your youngster loves to draw, you can decide not to make the walls off-limits by painting a portion of his or her room with chalkboard paint. You can choose to paint an entire wall or a make a custom chalkboard on a desired area of wall space. 

Chalkboard paint is available in multiple colors, and it works well with standard-sized or sidewalk chalk. 

If your child is not a fan of chalk, consider dry-erase board paint. Nowadays, dry-erase board markers are available in a washable variety, so you won't have to worry about your child staining clothes or other washable fabrics in the room.

What Is Your Child's Favorite Color?

You can fill your child's room with a color that he or she loves. If the favorite color is pink, blue, or green, you can create an inviting, beautiful space by using monochromatic tones of the same hue. However, be sure to consider the warmth and coolness of the color, as well as the sheen. 

Your child can still enjoy a favorite color even if it does not exactly match a primary color on the color wheel. Colors that are too bright can be overly stimulating and make it difficult for your child to sleep.

In addition, the sheen of a paint may not be suitable for repeated touches from little hands. A flat interior paint that is not stain resistant may require repainting in the near future.

How Old Is Your Child?

Be sure to paint the room in a manner that is age-appropriate. As your child grows, he or she may desire a more grown-up look to the room. Don't fill the room with powder pink paint and stencils of baby rattles if your child is almost beyond nursery age.

What Are Your Child's Interests?

Incorporate your child's interests into the space. You can use a color scheme that matches a favorite sports team or paint a stenciled mural on a wall depicting a favorite character from a book or a cartoon. 

Have fun painting your child's room. It can be a relaxing event that you and your child can share. The options for interior paint nowadays are practically endless. Nevertheless, if the project seems overwhelming, hire a professional painter to fulfill the vision you and your child have for the room. Contact a painter in your area today for an in-home estimate. For assistance, talk to a paint professional like Kucker Haney Paint Co.


21 August 2015

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