How to Paint Your Exterior with a Spray Gun


Painting your exterior is a very smart and cost effective home remodel. It will instantly increase the curb appeal of your property. A new coat of paint will also help protect your sidewalls and make them more weatherproof. However, painting your exterior walls is a far different and more difficult project than painting your interior walls. Exterior walls like stucco or wood are much harder to paint than textured drywall. Therefore, you will want to paint your exterior walls with a pneumatic spray gun, and this article will explain how to do so.

Masking Off

Masking off is the key to successfully painting with a spray gun. Spray guns produce a lot of overspray, which is a particular problem in an exterior setting. First, be sure to never paint when it is windy. Also, you will want to buy a few large rolls of thin painter's plastic and several rolls of 2.5" painter's tape. The lightweight plastic comes in large rolls and it is very easy to spread. You can use it to tape off and seal all of your windows, doors, vents, eaves and baseboards. You should also cover nearby walls and maybe even your neighbor's walls if they are really close.

To cover the ground around the walls you are painting, you should use construction paper instead of plastic. Plastic is dangerous on the ground because it is slippery, especially if you spill paint on it. Paper, on the other hand, will absorb paint and provide more traction.

Spraying Like a Pro

Using a spray gun is actually quite simple. Every system is slightly different, and you will get basic instructions when you rent it. What is most important to do is practice on a spare piece of cardboard before you start to spray the walls. You need to figure out how high the pressure should be, and how close the nozzle should be to the surface you are painting. If the pressure is too high, you are more likely to have runny paint. If the pressure is too low, you will have much more overspray and it will take much longer to paint the walls. Practice on the scrap cardboard until you feel like you are ready to hit the walls.

Painting with a spray gun is not all that difficult. Once you become familiar with the gun, you will be able paint your walls quite quickly. If you still don't feel ready to handle this task on your own, hire a professional, such as one from American Permacoat, to take care of it for you.


19 August 2015

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