How To Decorate An Elegant Master Bedroom


Are you redecorating your present master bedroom or are you moving into a brand new home? Either way, choosing an elegant theme for your decor means that you will have a very special retreat for your surroundings. Here are some ideas that might inspire you to create something unique and lovely.

The Walls - Starting with your wall treatment will help to set the elegant mood you are looking for.

  • If you want something bold and dramatic, consider choosing bright jewel tones for yours wall paint. Using contrasting colors for the top and bottom of the room and dividing it with heavy crown molding in white or off white would be a good choice. Gold stenciling around the top of the room, over the windows and the doorway would add richness to the room.
  • For a softer look, consider light shades of the colors of nature. Yellow, green, blue and mocha are all colors that will go with other colors you select for your decor. A wall paper border would be a nice addition. Flowers, sea shells, birds, and other things you would find in nature are all good considerations for the border.
  • Consider faux painting for the wall treatment. Talented artisans can make your walls look like marble, silk, taffeta or almost anything else you can imagine.
  • Your contractor will be happy to help you select the type of paint that would be best suited for your room.

The Decor - Think about what you would find in an elegant living room and dining room.

  • As you make your furniture selections, consider including ornate carvings in the wood to keep your elegant theme. Touches of gold in the wood would add drama to the setting.
  • No matter what scenes you select for your paintings, think about using heavy wood frames to display them.
  • If you have chosen bold colors for your wall paint, consider installing a brass chandelier. If you have chosen a softer look, consider a crystal chandelier. Matching wall sconces would be beautiful, as it would add soft lighting to your room.
  • No matter what kind of floors you have selected, a complementary area rug would also add to the elegance of your room.

As you select fabrics for your bedding and for any occasional chairs you have included in your master bedroom, consider silks, brocades, taffetas and other rich materials which will complete the elegant setting you desire.

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19 August 2015

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