How to Reduce the Mess When Painting Exterior Walls


Painting the exterior of your home is major investment. It is also quite a large project. The biggest issue with painting exterior walls is the fact that it can be so messy. It is especially messy when you use a spray gun. However, using a spray gun is essential on most exterior surfaces like hardwood siding because you can get much better coverage. It might be messy, but it is far easier than trying to paint exterior walls with rollers and paintbrushes. This article explains the best way to minimize the mess of paining your exterior hard wood walls with a spray gun.

Masking Off is Key

The key to a successful paint job is masking off. If you are thorough in masking off, you will be able to paint much more quickly and spend less time cleaning up after the paint dries. For masking off vertical surfaces you should use lightweight painters plastic. This is ideal for taping off all of the vents, windows, doors, and light fixtures. Try to create a strong seal by using 2" wide painters tape. To cover the ground below the walls you are painting, put down heavy duty construction paper. This paper is sold in large rolls so it is easy to spread it over walkways. Paper is better for the ground because it absorbs paint spills and it is much safer to walk on than plastic, which might get slippery.

Keeping a Clean Nozzle

When painting with a spray gun, it is very important to keep the nozzle clean at all times. Since the job will probably take a couple of days, it is very important that you clean the nozzle out every night. When you are done painting for the day, remove the intake valve from the bucket of paint and place it in a bucket of water. Then, spray the gun into another empty bucket until the paint coming out of the gun turns to water. This will indicate that water has cycled through the entire hose and nozzle system. At this point you can remove the nozzle and set it in a cup of water to sit in overnight. If you keep your nozzle clean, your gun will produce a much steadier and more predictable stream of paint. 

You are bound to get some overspray that you'll have to clean up when the painting is done. However, if you properly mask off and keep your nozzle clean, you will be able to paint your exterior with minimal clean up. Click here to find more information about exterior painting or contact a local painting service.


18 August 2015

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